Launch a Winning Lower Calorie Product with Stevia in 30 Days

Superior Taste

Cost Savings

Reduced Risk

Developing & Launching a great tasting Food or Beverage product with Stevia shouldn’t require you to do a PhD in Stevia. We hear you.

Launching a new FMCG product can be a daunting challenge. Whether you are reformulating an existing product recipe with reduced/no sugar or conceiving an entirely new product line together. While consumers are demanding superior taste, cleaner labels and lower calories, as a brand owner or product developer you have a whole range of other considerations to balance including but not limited to cost, regulatory requirements as well as figuring out a professional vendor who can assure quality & consistency as you scale. These challenges become more complex when trying to incorporate a (relatively) new ingredient like Stevia that isn’t very straightforward to make work. At Arboreal, we have a dedicated team of Food Technologists and R&D Infrastructure at our Global Application Development Centers to help you with exactly that.

The right Stevia partner can make all the difference.

We know how to make Stevia work
in your recipes

Food & beverage brand owners and food product developers get overwhelmed and confused by the range of extracts offered by Stevia companies under ‘n’ number of product ranges with complex jargon & terminologies. Each of these Stevia extracts has its own unique sensory and functional characteristics of their own as well as when used in combination with each other. The permutations & combinations of interactions within themselves and with other food ingredients in different matrices are simply infinite. Our integrated and differentiated production process, proprietary ArboEdge platform of Stevia based precision sweetening solutions and deep technical expertise built upon years of experience of empowering successful Stevia based product launches puts us in a unique position to help you.

How It Works

Learn about how we enable brands launch winning food & beverage products with Stevia in 30 days

Co-Developing the Brief

We schedule a consultation call where we understand your desired takeaways from using Stevia in your recipe - percentage calorie reduction, label claims, cost target etc.

ArboEdge Trials @ Global Application Development Center

You ship an unsweetened base of the product/recipe and we do internal trials with ArboEdge at our Global Application Development Center and send back 2-3 samples of Stevia Extracts/Blends/Solutions that are in line with the discussed brief.

Consumer Taste Trials & Final Formulation

You conduct taste trials at your end and choose the best option for your use case. We close commercial terms for supply while our technical team is on standby to facilitate the production and launch process with remote inputs as well as onsite visits as required.
This whole process can be completed within 30 days for most applications. And best of all, for most assignments where we already have a working solution, there is no charge for samples or work done at our end.
So what are you waiting for?

Arboreal Promise

We understand how difficult it can be to find reliable and professional vendors who know what they are talking about and won’t drop the ball on the D Day. When you work with Arboreal, you can be always assured of the following:
• We will always do what we say. We will proactively communicate when we can’t for reasons beyond our control.
• We will always give authentic advice and act in the best interest of our customers. We will never cut corners on quality.
• We will be continuously driven by research & spirit of innovation while upholding our commitment to always doing right by our partner farmers.