Bring your product ideas to life with Stevia

At Arboreal, we like nothing more than to co-create winning lower calorie food and beverage products with our customers. We are solely driven by your needs and what you want to achieve with Stevia.

• Want to launch lower calorie variants of your super hit products to cater to the increasingly health conscious consumers without compromising on Taste & Cost?

• Want to Improve the glycemic index and nutritional profile of your products? Want to take out increasingly controversial artificial sweeteners like Sucralose, Aspartame or Ace-K from your ingredient list?

• Want to reduce your costs by avoiding Sugar tax? Want clean label claims like ‘No Added Sugar’, ‘Naturally Sweetened’, ‘Non GMO’ and ‘No Artificial Sweeteners’?

• Want to improve the texture/mouthfeel/flavor profile of your recipes?

Bring your formulations challenge to us, and let us surprise you with what is possible with Stevia!

If not, we are happy to co-develop the right formulation for your use case and brief. We have a full time team of Food Technologists at our 2 Global Application Development centers and lab + pilot scale infrastructure to readily test out new ideas and optimise production parameters for innovative applications. And when we are done showcasing the right Stevia solution that delights you, we won’t leave you hanging in there but also be available on site to help standardise the production process for a seamless product launch. We believe in fully aligning our success with yours.

Global Application Development Center

We have advanced application development centers in Chennai & Lucknow that are fully equipped with infrastructure to formulate and test recipes for a broad range of applications. Apart from analytical and lab scale equipment, Pilot scale machinery for Precision Blending, Coating, Microencapsulation, Sieving, Milling, Conching, Baking and Agglomeration is available for optimising process parameters for smooth scaleup of your production process. Temperature and Moisture controlled chambers for shelf life & stability tests and microbiological testing from NABL Accredited labs are available on site. Additionally, Arboreal has partnered up with leading CSIR labs and research institutions of India and is able to readily access their apparatus as well as research infrastructure for development and testing of novel formulations.

All Research & Development at our Global Application Development Centers is applied in nature and focused on translating our deep technical know-how of Stevia and other food ingredients into demonstrable benefits for food & beverage manufacturers and their consumers.

We always welcome innovation and new product development teams at FMCG companies reaching out to us with their bottlenecks and are happy to share our know-how to troubleshoot their Stevia related challenges.

Bring your formulations challenge to us, and let us surprise you with what is possible with Stevia!